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The aim is for qpsycle v1.0 to be able to do everything psycle can do (plus the extra bits.) Prior to that milestone, we should have a number of 0.x releases that will incrementally add the missing features. Ideally, these will be usable and stable, just missing certain bits of functionality.

v0.x Edit

  • stabilise psy4 format
  • tweaking
  • global commands
  • finish pattern grid
  • finish machine view
  • finish sequencer
  • finish wav editor
  • undo/redo
  • gear rack
  • vst host
  • configurable key bindings
  • improve gfx, layout, look'n'feel
  • skinnability

feature freeze Edit

  • optimise
  • crush bugs


  • as good as psycle mfc.
  • party time!!

to infinity and beyond Edit

(Or before, of course, if someone wants to scratch an itch)

  • internationalisation
  • DSSI
  • nice sample loader
  • jack_transport
  • rewrite pattern grid
  • useful things from the ideas list

the done list Edit

  • (DONE) switch graphics toolkit
  • (DONE) get some audiodriver system knocked up
  • (DONE) psycle plugin support
  • (DONE) (mostly) separate out gui and core
  • (DONE) ladspa

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